In Which My Omafiets Proves To Be Much Tougher Than Me

Last week you may have heard that Chicago was hit with a nasty rain and hailstorm right during the evening rush hour.  It was not the most fun I’ve had riding my bike home through the city.  I ventured out and immediately the rain started.  Then the hail. So I took cover under the El tracks until it subsided. Then I continued riding home. It wasn’t bad until the wind started to whip up again, and the rain, and yes, more hail.

Bern helmet

Bern helmet

Luckily, I was wearing a helmet, a Bern helmet with the removable brim insert – so the helmet, brim, and my eyeglasses protected my head and face from most of the nasty hail.

Unfortunately though, as I turned to ride West, the wind from the North blew the full force of the wind, rain and hail right into the side of my head – my cheek was a little sore I’d say.  If that’s what micro-derma-brasion/fusion whatever feels like, well, I think  I’ll pass. It was not fun. Of course, once I arrived home and got Oma inside,  I felt like she was saying to me ” What’s the big deal? It was a little rain and hail – you don’t see me complaining do you?  Look at me, I’m perfectly fine.”

Rain-splattered Omafiets

And you know what.. she was right.

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