I’ll Get You My Pretty….

Pic from Sears Tower as squall line hits Chicago

A photo of Friday's storm as it hit Chicago, courtesy of twitpic and http://www.phillyweather.net

Chicago’s Bike to Work Week went out with the proverbial bang yesterday, the bang of broken skyscraper windows raining down on the sidewalk that is. Take a look at the monster storm that hit Chicago yesterday right about rush hour, knocking out windows and power across the city.

One look at the radar maps as the storm was barreling its way across Illinois prompted my decision to to leave work early and finish the day at home.  I don’t mind riding in a little rain and wind, but torrential downpours, 50+mph winds and hail, which were predicted,  really don’t appeal to me.   The wind was picking up when I left, and there was already a scattering of rain so I pedaled it on home as fast as I could just like Almira Gulch in The Wizard of Oz.  As soon as I arrived home and had carried my bike upstairs, I looked out the windows to see the trees bending over in the wind,  the aforementioned torrential downpour, and of course,  thunder and lighting.  The street that I was riding down only minutes before was covered with broken tree branches and at least one broken tree! I think  if  I had looked behind me it would have been like a movie with the destruction following right on my heels.  Then the power went out.  Classic.

There were broken trees and downed tree limbs like this one all over the city.

Storm Damaged Tree

A friend of mine commented that riding home in yesterday’s storm probably qualified as an extreme sport and I think I would have to agree. Who else was out riding last night?

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