I Spy a “Made in Austria’ Sears Bike

Over the weekend we were out and about and spotted this old Sears bike.  We looked a little closer and the head-badge read “Made in Austria”.   Huh?

I’ve heard that Sears didn’t ever make bikes, just sold them as did other department stores, but I didn’t realize they went overseas for bikes – especially when there used to be so many bike manufacturers right here in Chicago.

From the little I’ve learned online about this bike, it’s probably from the late 60s to early 70s.   It looks like it still has a coaster brake in the back and a hand brake in the front, so perhaps it’s an original 3-speed rear hub (Sachs) Torpedo Dreigang 515 36M that I’ve read they came with.  If you know anything else about these bikes do let me know.  The seat does not look original,  and I think it may have had a rear rack at one time, but it looks like it is in decent shape.  I think it’ s a kinda cool-looking bike.  Anyone ever ride one of these?

By the way – if you know the owner, can you suggest he/she get a better lock?

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