I Spy A Lovely Chicago-Made City Bike Downtown




Say “Hello” to Margaret, and her beautiful city bike!

I was heading home from work the other night, and I caught a glimpse of her bike and those hammered fenders out of the corner of my eye.  So, I walked over and started to ask her about her bike.  Turns out,  she knew me! Well, sort of.  Margaret attended the Women Bike Chicago event back in April and attended the talk that Julie and I gave on “Biking Safety, Comfort, and Style” where we displayed our very different styles of bikes, and talked about how we plan our commutes and our outfits.

Margaret had been thinking about getting a bike and after the event she finally went out and got herself a great city bike!


Margaret bought The Jane bike from Heritage Bikes.  Heritage bikes are made here in Chicago, and you have quite a few customization options when you get one of their bikes.  This particular bike was a display bike, but Margaret did add the double kick-stand after watching me demo how I use my double kick-stand. The hammered fenders are an extra option too for these bikes, and I think you have  a choice of Velo-Orange chain cases – or partial chain-case as on this bike. They come standard with an internal hub.


Margaret says she really loves this bike and rides it for work and fun all the time. She has panniers that she hangs on the rear rack, and can easily load everything she needs in it for work.

One other thing you should know about Margaret – she learned to ride a bike just six years ago! Go Margaret!



Anyone else have a bike from Heritage Bikes?  They’ve definitely added to the mix of great city bikes available in Chicago – tell me about yours!


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