How to Tow a Bike with a Yuba Mundo

towing a kids bike on the Yuba Mundo

One of the reasons we purchased the Yuba Mundo was that we wanted a bike that could haul a kid AND a kid’s bike. When we bought our lovely orange Yuba, the bike shop was out of stock of the running boards and we tested towing the bike without them which worked fine. However, once the running boards came in, we put them on and decided we wanted to tow the bike without removing them.

Yuba Mundo Running Boards

We did find a handy post on the Yuba Mundo blog that provided step-by-step instructions for cutting a slot in one of the running boards that would allow you to easily tow a bike with the bike wheel resting in the slot. We didn’t want to cut up the running board though, ┬áso Mr. Ding made a trip to the hardware store and came back with some supplies to create a rail for a bike wheel to rest in. Besides not having to cut up the running board, his solution is removable thanks to the nicely-placed strap holes that already exist in the running boards.

towing a bike on the Yuba Mundo up close

We can even tow my mountain bike with this set-up! This came in handy since it’s brakes were shot and not really safe to ride – had to tow it.

towing a mountain bike on the Yuba Mundo

Yep, we are definitely loving this bike. We rode off to a Kidical Mass ride with both a boy and a bike in tow – talk about a great family bike-riding day.

towing kids and bikes on a Yuba

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