How to Avoid Pre-Thanksgiving Traffic Snarls? Ride A Bike!

It’s been a rainy, cold, dreary Wednesday-before-Thanksgiving here in Chicago – just about right for kicking off the winter holidays. Today I took Little Ding and Grandma Ding to the Museum of Science and Industry since Little Ding didn’t have school. They don’t let kids ride their bikes inside obviously, so Little Ding couldn’t maneuver around the exhibits that way. That meant we didn’t ride our bikes down or take the bus – we had to drive Mr. Ding’s car so we could take Little Ding’s wheelchair along with us.  Don’t think I’ve ever driven to that museum – wasn’t even sure about the parking set-up.

The parking situation was great – even if I first drove through the bus drop-off since it’s the only route I know. They have a great entrance for folks arriving via bus or bike or just walking, as well a nice parking garage with ample handicap parking and room to maneuver wheel-chairs w/o stepping into traffic. We got into the museum and had a great day – Little Ding walks fairly well, but the type of CP he has tends to wear him out quickly. A long day of walking like at a museum or a zoo isn’t really doable without the chair -it conserves his energy for important things like climbing into the cab of a tractor at the the Farm Tech exhibit.

farm tech  - museum of science and industry

As we left the museum in the late afternoon we were in the absolute worst traffic – no surprise there. It took us forever to get home and we live in the city! We needed a couple of last-minute things from the store, but the thought of trying to fight the parking lot traffic at the grocery store was a very depressing thought. Since I had Grandma visiting us though, I realized I could drop those two off at home, grab my bike and make a quick run to the store without having to deal with the grocery store parking-lot craziness.

Once I got home, I grabbed Oma and her grocery basket, put on my raincoat and a helmet and headed out into the windy wet evening. I parked in front of the store, locked Oma to a light pole — the bike racks were full — and ran inside. After a quick trip through the store,  I came outside to find Oma waiting patiently for me.

Oma Waiting Outside the Grocery Store

I loaded up Oma got her unlocked, walked down the sidewalk to where I could cross the street, then hopped up on the seat and rode away into the night while the cars lined up behind me waiting to get into the parking lot and waiting to pull into parking spots.

parking lot backs up before thanksgiving

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