How Many Pumpkins & Flowers Fit on a Yuba?

We headed out to the garden store last weekend to pick up some pumpkins and whatever else we could to add some seasonal touches to our humble abode.  We also took the opportunity to do a little bit of street riding with Little Ding since it was going to be  a short ride there and back on streets with very low traffic.  We lined up with LD between us and rode off.  Once at the garden shop, we spotted some pumpkins large and small, flowers, dried corn and a few other decorative items.  We loaded up our wares in one of their handy wagons and wheeled it all out to our bikes to load it up.

We got it all loaded up in the handy-dandy Go-Getter panniers on the cargo bike, and off we rode back home.

 We haven’t carved the pumpkins yet, but when we do I’ll be roasting some pumpkin seeds too.  I’m looking for some new recipes by the way so if you’ve got one you like, please let me know.

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