High Winds & Waves But No Bikes This Time

Another big windy storm has been blowing through Chicago the last day or so, with winds gusting up to 60+mph, and giant waves crashing along the lakefront, causing some flooding, closing Lakeshore Drive, and of course, closing down parts of the lakefront bike/running path.  I work downtown, and all the windows in our building have been rattling as the building itself creaked in the strong winds. This time though, I’m happy to report that I’ve not heard of any cyclists getting slammed by waves along the lakefront, nor seen any videos either. I was even a little smarter this time around and left Oma at home so I didn’t have to ride home last night in the wind and rain and fight to stay upright or pedal downhill.

October wind and waves in Chicago

Waves crashing along the lakefront (photo: Jason Wambsgans/Chicago tribune)

The video below (sorry, couldn’t embed it) doesn’t show anyone getting slammed by the waves, but if you don’t live in Chicago or have never been to our fair city,  you might be surprised as how intense storms can get along an inland body of water.

Video: Stormy waves on Chicago\’s lakefront, October 2011 (via Chicagotribune.com)

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