Here’s What Tavern Bike Parking Should Look Like!

No time for a Bike Parking Hall of Shame entry this week, but instead I have a sort of gold star of bike parking – at least as far as neighborhood taverns go.  I stopped by the Empty Bottle for the early set last night, to catch a honky-tonk band called the Hoyle Brothers. Great band. The place was packed and people were dancing up a storm. Out front, there was a vast sea of bicycles locked up to U-racks and wavy racks on both sides of the corner bar. (Sorry for the blurry picture.)

Bike parking at the Empty Bottle

Check out the yellow fenders on the red bike in the foreground

Bike parking at the Empty Bottle

Kudos to The Empty Bottle – and Bite Cafe next door – for providing plenty of fully-usable bike parking for their patrons.

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