Have You Seen This John Deere Cargo Bike Around Town?

If you notice other bikes when you’re out and about around the north side of Chicago, downtown, or near west side, you may have noticed this unique green, John Deere-branded long-tail cargo bike with or without it’s rider.

John Deere Cargo Bike

The John Deer Cargo Bike

I ran into this bike downtown and I immediately wanted to know all about the bike and it’s owner. I left him a note on his fab green and yellow bike.  He graciously sent me an email and we met for lunch up in Logan Square recently. Meet Ryan – the owner of this one-of-a-kind cargo bike.

Ryan and his cargo bike

Ryan and his cargo bike


Ryan originally got the John Deere cruiser bike as a gift from some good friends. Initially the only cargo capacity it had was when he loaded a plastic crate on the back.

The John Deere Cruiser bike

The John Deere Cruiser bike (Photo courtesy of Ryan Riley)

Then Ryan decided to turn his green cruiser into a full-on, long-tail cargo bike. He bought an Xtracycle extension, and made a few other changes as well.

a close-up look at the cargo bike

A close-up look at where the Xtracycle attaches to the cruiser bike (photo courtesy of Ryan Riley)

  • Painted the Xtracycle with Rustoleum Farm Equipment John Deere Green
  • Added a second handlebars painted to match
  • Painted the rims with Rustoleum Farm Equipment John Deere Yellow
  • Added 1 single and 1 dual tube envy green Down Low Glow lights
  • Added Planet Bike yellow bike fenders
  • Switched out the tires for white-wall cruiser tires
  • Added a John Deere license plate

And Voila!  The super green cargo bike.



If you see Ryan and his green bike riding around the city – tell him hi! And if you have any extra John Deere Green paint, send it his way – I guess it’s not easy to find these days.

Oh yes, and I almost forgot – you can see more great pictures of Ryan’s bike in his Flickr stream:




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