Hauling Mid-Century Furniture On A Cargo Bike


Yes, we did.  We rode our bikes up to the Renegade Craft fair this past weekend and stopped by the Vintage Bazaar area and this is what we came home with!!  Just check out  this photo  from Modern Cooperative’s Instagram feed (posted soon after we left) if you want more proof.

Though we did alter the arrangement of the bungee cords just after we left the fair.

It was great day to be a Renegade – not too hot, just about right. I saw lots of photos on Instagram from the fair and ran into a few friends too.  It seemed like everyone was there.


Bike parking was at a premium – most racks and most wrought iron were covered in bikes.


And the Division/Wood Street Divvy station was empty (I’m sure it was not possible to reload it during the hours of the fair). Though the one at Division & Damen had a good number of bikes, and I saw people riding on Divvy bikes in every direction to and from the fair.


I saw a few bike-themed vendors, like this one that was selling clocks and magnets.


I heard that Fabric Horse, Vaya Bags  Kozie Prery,  and Legacy Frameworks were there, but I didn’t get a chance to see you guys.   LD has been wearing some new leg braces and he really can’t walk far without having to sit down for a bit so we didn’t walk around the entire fair.  We did however,  make our way over to Modern Cooperative’s booth in The Vintage Bazaar area – gotta stop and say ” Hi” to Tiffany and Mike (and a very tired shopdog).   Besides having a great vintage shop in Pilsen, they  are also big Dutch bike fans.  You know I love that.


We spotted these chairs in their booth, they were something we had sorta been looking for, and LD declared them very comfortable, so it was a done deal.   We bungeed them onto our Yuba Mundo cargo bike and off we road towards home.  Can I say that we are SO glad we took the advice of other Yuba Mundo owners  who recommended buying  the front basket that came out this year for these bikes? Completely and totally awesome. One of the chairs fit perfectly on top of it. The other balanced nicely on the back of the bike.


So that was our day at Renegade Craft fair – how was yours?

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