Grocery Store Bike Parking: Mariano’s on Halsted


Locking up our bikes before we head inside.

The Ding Ding family had some errands to run in the West Loop this weekend, so we decided to  swing over to the newish Mariano’s grocery store on Halsted street to pick up some provisions before we headed back home. We approached the store on Halsted street from the south and spotted one small wavy bike rack near the main entrance but it looked like it was too close to the building to afford any good parking for our cargo bikes. So we walked our bikes down the sidewalk along Monroe to the parking garage.  At the entrance to the garage, we spotted these bike racks.


Loading up our purchases into the panniers on the Yuba Mundo.



I hate to complain about sheltered bike parking with good racks, evening spaced, but this rack (across the garage entrance lane from the racks we locked up to) surrounded on all sides by traffic lanes and up on a curb, is  actually not that accessible.


We’re really glad that Mariano’s has so much sheltered bike parking at this location  even though the narrow wavy racks are a bit challenging for big ole cargo bikes with front racks. However, we are able to lift our bikes up.

The placement of all these great bike racks is the real issue with this bike parking – keeping it from being great bike parking.  All the bike racks are up on a platform, with no curb cuts to roll your bike up. That’s a big deal for cargo bikes, bikes with kids in kid seats, or customers with bikes full of groceries on their way out.  We unlocked the Yuba, and moved it down to the sidewalk before loading it up for just that reason.  The shopping cart couldn’t go up on the platform either – well, not easily. And these platforms are basically stuck in a corner with an entrance lane on one side and main garage lane on the other, leaving one to step down right into traffic.  Sorta awkward.

It was nice to have a covered area to park, and lot of racks to choose from though, and thanks to Mariano’s for putting bike racks in their city grocery locations – check out this post about the bike parking in their Lakefront East location.

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