Great-looking Upright Bikes for City Commuting

I’ve got a City Bikes page here on my blog where I note any cool “City Bikes”  that I test ride or come across during my daily work commute or other rides around the city.  For the purposes of this blog,  a “City” bike is almost any upright-style bike that while not a cruiser bike, is also not a hybrid or mountain bike.  I’ve seen quite a few Dutch bikes – one kind of City bike – near my office, and this fall I’ve also seen a lovely Gary Fisher Simple City bike- the men’s version. Why they don’t make that bike anymore is beyond me – so many women I know have and love the step-through version of this bike. On a recent morning, Oma and I saw them all locked near each other and stopped for a photo op.

My Omafiets and a few other great city bikes

In the foreground there is my beloved Oma, and next to her is another WorkCycles bike – an Opafiets! Next to the Opa is a blue mountain bike, and behind that bike is the Gary Fisher Simple City.

A Men’s Gary Fisher Simple City Bike

Another look at the Simple City bike


And then (picture below) there is this bike – I’ve seen it before and I just love it. A basic single-speed city bike with a very rusty chain guard and front fender, and a black leather Brooks saddle.  I want to meet the person who rides this bike!

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