Great Bike Parking at a Chicago Target Store

photo (98)

keyhole view out the north side (looking onto Jackson)  of the bike parking area.

Yes, you heard me right – I said ‘great’.  The boys and I had some errands to run recently, and it was such a lovely day that we decided to check out a newish Target store in the city on Jackson & Aberdeen.  When we arrived at the store, we immediately spotted not only the entrance to the store &  parking garage, but the covered bike parking as well, located between the two.  The parking structure takes up the first floor, and there is an escalator inside the store’s main entrance leading up to the store fully located on the second floor.

Great things about this bike parking setup:

  •  It’s covered but still has visible sight lines to the store entrance and surrounding sidewalks
  • It has curb cuts from the street onto the sidewalk which is the same level as the bike parking
  • It has lots of bike racks (I did not count them) with proper spacing
  • It is safely set back from the car driving lanes in the garage & still near the entrance


photo (96)

Looking in towards the east, from the Aberdeen entrance towards the bike parking and parking structure.


photo (99)

Looking out towards Aberdeen.


photo (97)

Nicely spaced racks – even my Omafiets and our Yuba Mundo with the running boards has plenty of room.

photo (95)

one more look in from the east side. The entrance to the store is after the circle ‘keyhole’ window on the right.


We locked up our bikes and headed over to the entrance of the store.  The entire store is located on one floor, the second floor of the structure. They have the cart escalator in the middle of the ‘human’ escalator, allowing us to easily bring our cart down to the first level, right to our bikes to load them up and head on home.  Thanks for thinking of the cyclists Target!

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