Good Bike Parking – Fort Collins Colorado

Bike Racks Ft Collins Colorado (Photo courtesy of Gina -

A co-worker sent me this photo that she took during a trip out to Fort Collins Colorado this summer.  Kinda nifty on-street bike parking for the  brew pubs there, wouldn’t you say?  I managed to locate another photo of this same bike rack – I was curious about the sections of rack that the bikes actually lock too – and wouldn’t you know it was commissioned by the folks at New Belgium Brewing.  Not really a surprise though, since they’re based in Fort Collins.

Another view of the bike rack in Fort Collins Colorado

Another view of the bike rack in Fort Collins Colorado

Fort Collins supports its cycling citizens in other ways as well, by offering secure bike parking in their downtown Civic Center Parking garage.  They’ve got a bike cage with the double-decker bike racks.  Check out the section of their city website devoted to cycling. Anyone who already has a parking permit for the garage has free access to the bike cage, otherwise it’s $5 a month/$20 a year for access.


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