Give Thanks for Good Grocery Store Bike Parking!

It’s Friday and that sometimes means it’s time for a new entry in the Bike Parking Hall of Shame.  It is Thanksgiving week though, so to follow the ‘giving thanks’ theme  I’m instead writing about a local grocery story with pretty good bike parking – Mariano’s Fresh Market in Lakeshore East.

Bike racks at Marianos' Fresh Market - Lakeshore East

Bike racks at Marianos’ Fresh Market – Lakeshore East

Mariano’s is a new player in the crowded Chicago grocery store market. They’re part of the Roundy’s chain and I’m guessing the stores are named after the current CEO whose last name is Mariano. This new store in Lakeshore East (opened in October) was built to serve the lunchtime needs of all the office-bound folks in the nearby Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aon buildings (among others) and the full-service grocery needs of all the new condo-dwellers in the surrounding buildings.  This photo was taken on a chilly day at lunchtime and I’m guessing that at that time of day everyone walks from their office to this store, leaving their bikes behind.

While these bike racks are right outside one of the main entrances to the store, the store itself sits behind the skyscrapers that line east Randolph Street (a street with bike lanes) so I bet a lot of cyclists haven’t yet discovered that they can stop at this store on their way to or from the lakefront path or bike station. Too bad because these racks are nicely spaced – not those super-narrow wavy racks – and they are also far enough out from the wall that even the 28-inch tires on my Dutch bike won’t bang into the wall.

Bike racks at Mariano's Fresh Market - another view

I’ve not been to their store up on Western and Roscoe, nor to their suburban stores to see if those stores have equally as nice bike parking.  I certainly hope so though, as a recent article mentioned that they want to open more stores in the city. It would be nice to have more than one grocery store chain in town that has consistently good bike parking throughout the city.  Now if only some non-high-end grocery chains could provide consistently good bike-parking? Chicago grocery stores – are ya listening?

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