Getting Out to Vote – Showing Off Democracy to A Dutch Bike

Ok,  so really, I just rode my bike to my neighborhood polling place.  But it seemed like everyone was ‘biking the vote’ today so I just had to add my voice to the crowd.  Since Oma is Dutch she couldn’t vote… though I wonder if Chicago would make an exception for a bikes? <insert Chicago voting fraud joke here>.

My Omafiets waiting while I vote

The standard polling place sign was out up among all the school announcements and other signs.  And get this – I didn’t even get any last-minute propaganda from the local party folks! They are supposed to keep back about 25 feet from any polling place entrance, but I’ve had to deal with them a lot closer than that when I used to vote up in Wicker Park some years. Perhaps going to vote in the middle of the afternoon had something to do with it – it was fairly quiet and no wait!

Your Chicago Polling Place

Your Chicago Polling Place

It’s very old-style voting in my precinct, no voting machines, just the standard long card on which you have to fill in the space to create an arrow for the candidate you wish to vote for.  I don’t mind it, it works.  I’m not sure I’ve ever used an electronic voting machine in my life.

example marksense ballot

An example of a ' marksense' ballot

I think I like it better than the punch card version or the “Votomatic” that I’ve used in other neighborhoods/cities.


I completed my ballot, turned it in,  and for my efforts got the familiar Chicago voting receipt. I never thought too much about it until today when I saw people all over Twitter mention that they got stickers! Now, I’m jealous.

Chicago Voting Receipt November 2010

Chicago Voting Receipt November 2010

Per the Chicago rules of voting, I won’t tell you exactly how many times I voted though!  😉

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