Get Your Deliveries By Cargo Bike

Perhaps it’s because we have our own cargo bike and so notice it more, but we continue to see more and more cargo bikes of all shapes and sizes all over Chicago.  I see it as a huge positive for our city.   And besides seeing more and more families embrace the cargo bike as their go-to vehicle for all sorts of errands,  there are more businesses embracing the usefulness of cargo bikes too.   As an example of this I bring you Chicago Cargo!

Chicago Cargo - delivery by bike

When Brandon started his cargo bike delivery business, we thought it was the coolest idea and we’re thrilled to see how it’s taken off here in Chicago.   For the second year in a row, we’ve hired Chicago Cargo to pick up and delivery the supplies for our Oktoberfest.  I placed orders at Dinkle’s Bakery and Paulina Meat Market  – where else does one go for Oktoberfest supplies than to a bakery and butcher shop in what was “the” German enclave in Chicago.   Then I made arrangements with Brandon and he picked everything up and delivered it to our house the day of our party.

Chicago Cargo delivers

Delivery by cargo bike right to the front door.

 I never thought about getting groceries etc, delivered to my house for a party,  but it was great having one ‘to-do’ taken care of on the list of things to do.   And the best part was that my delivery came by bike and via a local small business.  Score!

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