Fall is Truly Here – Time to Dig Out Some Bike Gloves

The air turned a little cooler this past week  in Chicago, and the leaves have been turning all sorts of glorious colors, but it’s still just been your basic jacket weather.  Then I hopped on Oma this morning to head off to work and well, my hands were freezing!  Yep, time to dig out some lightweight gloves for the ride into work.  Not cold enough for winter biking gloves, but cool enough that bare fingers get cold.   As I rode a little faster to warm up, I thought to myself, I wonder if  the bike station in Millennium Park (my destination) would have any cheap, lightweight gloves for sale? I’d seen heavy winter gloves and roadie gloves there, but not really anything else.

So what do you think I saw when I walked into the bike station this morning?  A new rack full of cheap, light-weight gloves!

gloves for sale

Thanks Cycle Center, thanks Bike & Park!   My hands were much warmer on the ride home this evening.

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