Dutch and Dutch-Style Bikes Everywhere I Look!

Electra Amsterdam & Manhattan Green bikes in Chicago

Electra Amsterdam & Manhattan Green bikes spotted downtown

When I walked out of my office for lunch last week, I walked by a number of Dutch and Dutch-like bikes parked around the neighborhood that I’d never seen before. And there wasn’t a bike event going on that I was aware of either. Amid the 20-30 bikes that were parked up and down the street, the distinct look of the Dutch-y bikes stood out.

In the photo above you can see one of the Manhattan Green bikes parked behind an Electra Amsterdam. The Green is an amazingly-priced steel-framed city bike that I keep hearing good things about from every person I know who owns one. You can have one of these bikes for under $400 which is a excellent deal.  In front of it is the Electra Amsterdam Royal 8i. This bike, part of Electra’s Amsterdam line is their top-of-the-line model in the series I do believe.  It’s got all the bells and whistles of the Classic 3i, but with an 8-speed internal hub instead of 3, and an aluminum frame instead of a steel one. You’ll note the Shimano hub, enclosed chain-case, external dynamo light and other nice touches found on city and Dutch bikes. I believe you can pick up an 8i in the $900-$1200 range and the 3i in the $500-$600 range.

Electra Amsterdam Royal 8i

Electra Amsterdam Royal 8i

On my way back to the office I spotted this Batavus Favoriet parked just up the street from the previous two bikes.

Batavus Favorite

Batavus Favoriet

This one has an old-school, leather, Lepper Primus saddle. I had never heard of it until I looked it up for this post. It appears that the Lepper Primus and the Lepper Classic are Dutch competitors to the Brooks bike saddles. Who knew!?

Lepper Primus Saddle on a Batavus Favoriet

And, as  I turned down one last corner towards my office, I saw this brown Electra Amsterdam bike.

Electra Amsterdam Bike

Electra Amsterdam Bike

Electra Amsterdam Bike

Electra Amsterdam Bike

Down a few bikes from the Electra was this old city bike with incredibly rusted fenders and a black Brooks saddle. I thought that was interesting so I’m including it for you as well.

old bike, nice saddle

Are you seeing more cyclists on the road lately? Are you seeing more city or Dutch bikes out there too?

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