Doorings Will Now Be Counted as Crashes in The State of Illinois

(illustration excerpted from the cover of the IL "Rules of the Road" booklet for cyclists)


This is big news in Chicago – effective immediately police departments across the state of Illinois are required to report ‘doorings’  on Illinois crash traffic forms! According to the Chicago Tribune, after Gov. Quinn read a article on March 21st that explained a long-standing IDOT policy that excluded dooring crashes from accident statistics  – because the motor vehicles involved were not moving – he immediately sought to make a change to the law.   You may recall that my own Mr. Ding was involved in a dooring , and I have other friends who have been doored as well.  Luckily none of them have been killed, but other cyclists have.    Doorings are one of if not the biggest danger faced by all cyclists – now perhaps we’ll be able to show that with statistics as opposed to just anecdotal evidence.

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