Do You Have to Be A Rebellious/Tough/Insane Cyclist to Ride in the City?

I’m basically linking to another blog today because the comments to a recent post  in the blog Let’s Go Ride A Bike about a guest post in another bike blog are so worth reading.  About a week ago a guest writer on the blog Commute By Bike posted an article about the 10 Rules for Urban Commuting. When I read it I thought that it had some good tips but overall an unnecessarily aggressive tone that is typical of the ‘war-against-the-car’ attitude that many people in the bike community seem to have, and which in turn give all cyclists a bad name.  Dottie at LGRAB  says it best:

However, the macho tone of the article is endemic of a problem of the greater discourse on bicycling in the bike community. This wild west approach contributes to the fringe status of transportation cycling, both by repelling everyday people, especially women, and by reinforcing a culture that pits cyclists, drivers and pedestrians against each other.

I couldn’t agree more.  There is a part of the biking community that is working to make city biking a normal everyday activity, yet we are completely at odds with the anti-car faction and those that want to be perceived as anti-authoritarian or rebellious individuals . Unfortunately these folks are the ones that get the most attention from  motorists and even from the press – check out this story that aired on ABC7 News over the weekend that basically says that cyclists are always at fault. Dottie used the term “Macho” to describe the tone of  the author and I agree 100% with her and to her reply to a poster who challenged her on the use of that term. Here’s the link to her post – read through and read all the comments – it’s worthwhile reading.

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