City Bikes of Chicago

This is purely a survey of all the bikes I’ve seen around Chicago lately.. in fact, most of these photos I took at the Renegade Craft Fair a couple of weekends ago on Division Street in the Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village neighborhood. ┬áThis is what people are riding in the city on a Sunday afternoon.

a Civia Hyland


I thought this was a PUBLIC bike a first, but I believe it’s an orange Schwinn?


a teal Mercier with some details..


a green tandem bike, looks like a Schwinn.


Black Linus Mixte with some nice panniers.


a non-vintage, green Schwinn


Don’t think I realized that Specialized made cruisers too!


Finally.. here’s a PUBLIC bike. This time it’s white instead of orange, and is the diamond frame instead of one of their step-throughs.



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