City Bike Friday – Specialized Globe Bikes Everywhere!

Red Globe Live Bike - Logo

Did someone announce a “Ride-Your-Specialized-Globe-Bike-to-Work-Friday” and I missed it?  It certainly seemed like it was last week. It was a beautiful day in Chicago and as I was walking back to my office downtown I spotted this lovely red bike locked up along Washington Street. Pardon the iPhone pictures.  I admit that I was not familiar with Globe bikes, so I had to look them up. This is an aluminum bike, so right off, not my preferred choice in bike frames, but that certainly makes it easier to carry up the stairs of your city apartment. It’s go the oh-so-stylish low front basket like the Civia bikes do, along with that spring to keep your front tire from wobbling too much under a big load like Dutch bikes often have. Nice!

Red Specialized Globe Live Bike

Globe is a stand-alone brand created by the folks at Specialized Bike Components “inspired by and designed for urban cyclists, commuters and city dwellers, the progressively minded and the eco-conscious.”. Yeah, they said that. Anyway, this lovely red bike is their Live model, which has an aluminum frame, 8-speed Shimano internal hub, kickstand, and a basket up front that can carry about 55 lbs. And they sport Armadillo brand tires which happen to be a favorite of mine – they are similar to the Schwalbe Marathons, with the Kevlar lining. I have had them for years and run them through the hell of Chicago streets with nary a puncture. Just got a Schwalbe tire on one bike – we’ll see how it compares. One of these city bikes will set you back about $580 to $1000 before tax and all that.  You can read more about the Live 1 on the Globe website.

That was lunch. As I left my office Friday evening, I walk over to the bike rack to unlock my trusty old bike, and there, locked up next to my bike was this lovely city bike with some very nice panniers.

Globe Haul 01 Bike

Globe Haul 01 Bike

What do you ya know, another Globe bike! This baby is a Haul 01 – with a rear rack that hols up to 110 lbs.  Definitely made to lug around a lot of stuff in the city. The Haul comes with a 7-speed Shimano Altus derailleur, and Specialized Nimbus Sport tires.

Globe Haul 01 Bike

Those gorgeous panniers by the way, are courtesy of a Dutch company, Fastrider. You can read a nice review of them on Lovely Bicycle’s Blog. Like the Live a Haul bike from Globe will set you back anywhere from $550 – $1000 depending on all components.

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