Chicago Women Who Bike – The January Brunch!

Martha from Bike Fancy talking to some new subjects

Martha from the Bike Fancy blog talking to some new potential blog subjects

It was a beautiful, if chilly morning on Sunday, the perfect day for another one of Dottie’s Women-who- bike brunches. We had large crowd this go round, but unfortunately I did not get a group picture this time. As with previous brunches, we all lingered and chatted, and really enjoyed meeting other women who bike around the city to work,  for groceries, or even to take the kids to school. And you should have seen the array of bikes and gear we had locked up out front, under the ‘L’ stop! There were a couple of WorkCycles Omas,   two or three Pashleys, a Batavus Old Dutch, at least one vintage Schwinn, a blue-green Gary Fisher, some Po Campo bags and some very awesome Ortlieband Basil panniers.

Dottie and Ash

Dottie with her camera and Ash with her Batavus

Anne, Po Campo, and a Pashley

Anne, a Po Campo bag , and her Pashley

Martha, Oma, and some Basil Panniers

Yet another Martha, her Oma, and some Basil Panniers

Turns out that this Martha lives not too far from me, and rides a WorkCycles Oma! On my way home from last month’s brunch, I saw a woman riding through an intersection near my house, and I was pretty sure she was riding an Oma.  I thought to myself at the time, “Hey is there someone around here riding an Oma and I don’t know her?” Well, turns out that it was probably Martha – she couldn’t make the brunch that day, and was on her way to an appointment. She was headed to the grocery store after our brunch, to fill up her lovely and roomy Basil panniers.

Nancy and Jennifer of the yellow Ortlieb panniers

Nancy of the great hat and Jennifer of the yellow Ortlieb panniers

Jennifer rode her ‘Flea Market’ bike to the brunch – perhaps next time she’ll ride one of her cargo bikes that she usually rides her kids around with – you can read more about those adventures on the Chicargobike blog. Nancy joined us from the suburbs – drove part way and rode her bike the rest of the way. She has a blue Detour pannier, similar to the ones Mr. Ding gave me for Christmas.  She swears by it.

Susanne and Katheryne

Susan and Catherine

Ash and her Batavus Old Dutch

Ash and her Batavus Old Dutch

Amy and her Gary Fisher Simple City

Amy and her Gary Fisher Simple City

Amy, pictured above, writes for a cute dog blog called Two Pitties in the City. I didn’t get a picture of everyone unfortunately. Maria from Po Campo was there, and Megan of the red Ortlieb panniers (now on Bike Fancy)  that we ran into after the last brunch was there too, but had to run off.  And Nina, recently on Bike Fancy, joined us too. I don’t have any pictures of Sara – who has a great new blog This Little Bike of Mine, and I know I’m probably missing a couple of others.  As always, it was a great group of women that I really enjoy chatting with. Some of us stopped by Copenhagen Cyclery after the brunch and got a peek at Dottie’s new bike, and I feel in love with a red Velorbis bike. A good Sunday all around, wouldn’t you say?

Martha and her Omafiets

Martha and her Omafiets head off to the grocery store

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