Chicago Women Who Bike – A Sunny June 2014 Brunch Picnic


We met up in Millennium Park and even though the grass was off-limits, we still had a great time camped out on the steps.

This past Sunday I hosted a “Women Who Bike”  brunch picnic in Millennium Park. Dottie  from the bike blog Let’s Go Ride A Bike  has been hosting these brunches in Chicago on and off for the last few years, but this month it was my turn to host!  We had a beautiful sunny, if breezy day to meet up downtown in the park.  Since we had to lock up our bikes away from the picnic itself, there wasn’t as much bike admiration going on, but we all still found lots to talk about.


I don’t remember what Debbie was talking about here.. but we were all definitely mesmerized!




Catherine (on the left) came all the way from Newcastle England for the brunch .. via her sister Trish, on the right who currently lives in Bucktown. These two went to the Cher/Cyndi Lauper concert the night before and were still able to make it to our lovely outing.



Really, Emily and Liv did not call each other beforehand and plan their outfits.


We all had a great time, not to mention some really great food! At least two kinds of frittatas mind you, blueberry cake, and rhubarb pie. And we had some great conversations going about women-specific bike saddles, breathable bike shorts and more.  And, ahem, those of you who owe me emails on some of these topics better get going so I can write my next blog post!

As a bonus, I did get to see some real-life examples of a couple of styles of bike panniers that I’ve researched for my bike bag board on Pinterest .


This Koki bag is a pannier – there are hooks on the other side. Not sure if they make this one anymore though?



This Detours Ballard Market pannier is pretty handy. The pannier clips are adjustable which is great for those of us with rear racks of non-standard size. Also, the shoulder straps covert to backpack straps.


And, we did have one bike-review moment, when Maria from Po Campo brought over the Brompton folding bike she has as a loaner from some photo shots with her bags.  We timed her to see how fast one can fold up one of those bikes and were amazed that she didn’t rush at all and was still able to fold it up in under 30 seconds!





We had a couple of flight attendants at the brunch and they immediately wanted to know the dimensions of the folded up bag for travel.  Someone pulled out a measuring tape, and we came to the conclusion that while a folded-up Brompton  is a little larger than carry-one luggage, if you threw it into a tote bag, you could probably still get it into an overhead bin. Kinda cool.


I won’t be hosting a brunch in July but check in with Dottie if she will be hosting one or heck, host your own!  I’ll be back in August with another brunch though it will be for guys and gals,  so tell your friends and let me know if you have any thoughts on a central location that would be great spot for another picnic!


Here’s to a great summer of biking in the city!


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