Cargo Bike Weekend: A Case of Wine & A Dutch Bike Test Ride

Now that we have the Yuba we can pretty much restock about anything in our house via bike.  I used to be impressed that I could bring home 1/2 case of wine in the panniers on my Dutch bike.  The orange Yuba Mundo kinda puts my Oma to shame. Earlier this summer we rode Oma and the Yuba over to the West Town location of Lush Wine and Spirits, on Chicago Avenue for a little wine restocking trip.

Lush Wine & Spirits

They’re a great store by the way, always super friendly, great selection of wines and other libations (that make great presents for your favorite foodie/cocktail type). We were looking for some crisp white wines, and were hoping that we’d find some on their $10-and-under rack (we had just spent all our money on the new cargo bike after all). We didn’t know if we’d actually make use of all the hauling power we had, but hoped we’d find a few bottles we liked/could afford.  And we did!

We made our purchases and carried them outside to load up. Parked next to Oma and the Yuba, we discovered a very cool, very vintage (1969) Vespa scooter!

Vintage Vespa Scooter

And the owner of the scooter was admiring my Dutch bike.  How could one not? So we chatted about bikes and scooters and wine and such, and of course I offered up Oma for a test ride. Doesn’t he look totally at home on a Dutch bike? I think we have a new Dutch bike convert!

a new Dutch bike fan

Eventually we made it back home with all our purchases safely stored away within the bags of the Yuba Mundo.

The Yuba Mundo

And what did we buy? Two cases plus a few stray bottles of wine that all fit nicely into the Go-Getter bags. We probably could have bought a little more.

wine to go

wine to go

Anyone up for drinking some wine with us?

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