Cargo Bike Roll Call – The Post-Event Round-up

** updated with one correction and resource links added to the end of the post **

The first Cargo Bike Roll Call here in Chicago was a splendid success two weeks ago! Steve Vance did a great job organizing the round-up as a little fundraiser for West Town Bikes, and got some nice sponsorships from Whole Foods, New Belgium Brewing, and J.C. Lind Bikes among others.  Andrew and I rode on over to take part in the festivities and to check out all the various cargo bikes that stopped by.


Steve Vance and J.C. Lind


There was a nice selection of cargo trikes that J.C. Lind rode over from his shop with the help of a few friends, as well as other trikes customized by their owners who brought them by to show and share.

cargo box trikes from J.C. Lind Bike Company


Winther Wallaroo

Winther Kangaroo (*Corrected!)


Cargo trike

Furry cargo trike

Furry cargo trike with and electric motor ( I do believe?)

Yellow cargo trike

Yellow cargo trike


We also had a few two-wheel box bikes or bakfiets in attendance as well.


Babboe cargo bike



Your basic bakfiets


There were a number of differently configured Xtracycles hanging around too.


Xtracycle with bucket panniers


Xtracycle with kids seat

Xtracycle with kid’s seat


And there were a couple of other long-tail style cargo bikes, namely two Yuba Mundos! One blue, one orange.

Steve's blue Yuba Mundo

Steve’s blue Yuba Mundo, also with a bucket pannier



Our orange Yuba Mundo looks on


And there were even a few stately Dutch-style – or Swedish-style in the case of the blue Pilen – bikes there to keep my Omafiets company.

dutch and swedish style bikes

Dutch and Swedish city bikes

Civia Loring

Civia Loring


Oh yes, and there was one long-john style cargo bike in attendance, courtesy of Brandon from Chicago Cargo.

Brandon showing off his Bullitt cargo bike

Brandon showing off his Bullitt cargo bike



Ash taking the delivery bike out for a spin


Then there were the various and sundry other cargo bikes that all sorta stand on their own.


Custom Cargo bikes from West Town Bikes



Yellow custom cargo bike from West Town Bikes


quad cycle

quad cycle


Madsen bucket bike with a kid’s seat up front


A kid-sized cargo bike


Onderwater Family Tandem

Onderwater Family Tandem


puppy bike

Puppy cargo bike


What you can fit in a Wallaroo

What you can fit in a Kangaroo!

If you’re curious about cargo bikes – be sure to come out the next time the Roll Call is announced!


Resources for Cargo bike info and local shops that sell cargo bikes:

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  • EugeneSRTS

    I’m curious- you make a distinction between a Bakfiets and “Long John Style”. What do you think the criteria is for that?
    The one you label “Your basic bakfiets” is actually a “Long Haul” made by Human Powered Machines. For more than 15 years pretty strictly a Long John style cargo bike. A couple years ago the builder started making them with a box seeing the popularity of the Bakfiets style bikes in the US. 
    I actually consider all these Long John style. Some with boxes, some not.  I guess the common nomenclature now though is to call any Long John style with a box a Bakfiets and those without Long Johns?

    I know someone did a good post about types of cargo bikes and names…

    Thanks for the pictures, great to see!

    • Ms. Ding

      While most bakfiets could technically be a “Long John-style” bike, my criteria for a bakfiets is the box – it’s not made to come off the frame – and not all even sit on a platform. Perhaps it’s a small distinction, that a Long John is with a platform and the bakfiets is with a box. Visually they do seem longer w/o the box, no? 😉

  • Joel Grover

    Great write-up.  Thanks for sharing…the bikes identified as Winther Wallaroos are actually the 3 wheeled Kangaroo model…the Wallaroo is the 2 wheeled version built on the Bullitt derivative frame.

    • Ms. Ding

      Yikes! I will correct that asap – thanks for the heads up – I appreciate it!

  • Steven Vance

    Thank you for posting all these photos. I couldn’t catch all of the action. And I like the photo of John and me. 

    • Ms. Ding

      Yeah, that was a good photo of you two – glad you liked it! Thanks again for organizing the even – great time!