Biking To the Store With A Non-Dutch Bike

I was going to title this “Mr. Ding Goes to The Store” but  I decided against it.  I’ve posted a few pictures of Oma in all her gear and beer-toting glory, but I’m not the only one who does the grocery shopping in this house.   Mr Ding does not have a Dutch bike though he has recently added some nifty fenders and a chain guard to his hybrid to make it more city-riding friendly.   Instead of hauling everything on his bike then, Mr. Ding hauls everything behind his bike.  Our Burley bike trailer is slowly turning into an all-cargo sort of trailer as Little Ding has pretty much outgrown it.  It’s a great way to do a big grocery run!  Especially if you have a double trailer like we do.  And when you live in the city, one can pull up much closer to the front door on a bike than in a car- which can be nice when you’re lugging your groceries (and bike)  up to the second floor.

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