Bike Winter: These Familes Don’t Let the Snow Slow Them Down

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on this blog writing about riding my Dutch bike, winter riding in the city, bike parking, and not as much about family or adaptive biking. Mostly that’s because now that there’s snow on the ground our young rider isn’t riding as much – he’s not as confident riding in the snow just yet – the sidewalks generally look about the same, sometimes worse, than the street here.

Bike winter side streets in Chicago

But there are plenty of families that don’t let a little snow slow them down. A week or so ago I wrote about a woman who bikes year-round with her family and she leads a kid’s ride every Friday night. ┬áBased on the picture below it looks like they were having a great time!

Blue Island Friday Night Ride

  • Momentum Magazine recently started a Biking With Kids blog and a recent entry is all about riding during the winter with your kids. Riding in the city with kids and riding in the city in the winter with kids can seem daunting to new riders or parents trying to figure out how to get your kids out on the bike with you. This post has some helpful comments and the blog has a lot of great tips for riding year-round with kids.,
  • The parents behind – a relatively new Chicago family/cargo biking blog wrote a nice post back in October about how to dress your kids properly for fall and winter riding. Give it a read here.
  • Mark Stosberg writes a “Bikes As Transportation” blog and wrote a post last month about how he and his wife gear up the kids for winter riding.

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