Bike Winter is Coming – Winter Gear Made an Appearance This Week

Once the time changes here in Chicago there’s no doubt that winter is on it’s way. The calendar says it’s late in the year and when it’s dark at 5:00pm you just know that it’s time to dig out the hat and gloves and gear up for winter.

This is what it looks like outsisde my office around 5:00pm, in November

Until this past week though, it hasn’t been that cold though. By Tuesday though, I dug out my helmet liner and lobster-claw winter gloves and grabbed a warmer top layer. Most of the winter bike gear I pulled together last year for riding my Omafiets proved to be perfect — so I’m making no big changes this year. Well, I do need to get new boots – my old winter boots finally bit it by the end of the season last year.  If anyone has good boot suggestions that are warm and somewhat cute, let me know.  Take a look at this post that I wrote last winter that gives a brief rundown with pictures of my Bern helmet + liner, gloves, leggings/tights, etc.

Here in Chicago the Bike Winter team has tips and suggestions up on their website and lots of great winter bike-riding events planned. Check out their website or Holly’s Blog of adventures in her first Bike Winter last year.  Local rider Renee Patten even wrote an article for the Huffington Post about winter bike riding in the Midwest with lots of helpful advice too.

Additional Update: How could I forget this! West Town Bikes is hosting a Women’s Winter Biking Pep Talk & Prep Sessions on Wednesday nights from 8:00pm-10:00pm 11/16 – 12/14 (Excluding 11/23).

My bike is my primary form of transportation so I’ll be riding all winter again – and I hope to amp up my blogging schedule again as well and tell ya all about riding in cold, along with my other usual topics. What about you ? Do you ride year-round? Is there a Bike Winter community where you live?

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