Bike Winter Family Friday Night

This past Friday night was a great night to be out riding – at least before the snow started – low 30s and no real wind. We had to pick up Little D so we decided on a bike + El  trip.  Since I generally ride to work everyday, I already had my bike with me, so I headed out from my office near the lakefront, through the loop to one of the most brightly lit Green Line El stops.

I was going to leave Oma locked to the bike rack, but then I saw the elevator and remembered that I’ve seen bikes parked upstairs at this El stop before so I took her up the elevator.

I got on board the train and headed out to pick up the little guy. I met Little D and his mom at another El stop and helped Little D navigate up the stairs to get back on the El.  When we arrived back at the same El stop I started from, we unlocked my Omafiets and headed down the elevator to find Mr. D waiting for us with the cargo bike and all of Little D’s bike gear.

Essential winter bike gear for kids:

  • A kid-sized bike cap made to go under a bike helmet ( We got Little D one  from Kozie Prery ( a Chicago company)
  • Neckwarmers ( He has a very soft red fleece neck warmer from the friendly folks of Bike Winter Chicago – Thank you)
  • Mittens and/or gloves – these neon gloves are mine – that’s why his hands look so large. Seems his gloves got wet at school and remained stuffed in his pockets all day.
  • Insulated pants/long underwear – we have snowboard pants for him but it really wasn’t cold enough out to warrant them for the short ride home.
  • Warm boots – We’ve settled on Neos to wear over LD’s shoes and braces, but with no snow and the above-freezing temperatures, we just went with regular shoes and socks.

Once his helmet was on, he got on the back of the Yuba, and off we rode up to the Kinzie street bike lane and on towards home.  It was a great night to be out riding and we saw other cyclists along the way – even ran into Martha from Bike Fancy at the Kinzie/Des Plaines /Milwaukee intersection.

When we got back home the guys dismounted the bike before I could get any pictures and Little D was singing and getting his Dad to clap so I really had no chance to set up any photos – we were just having too much fun.

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