Bike Winter Chicago: Lakefront Trail and City Road Conditions

So you’ve made the decision to ride all year long in Chicago, or you’ve been riding through snow and wind and ice and slush for years. Either way, wouldn’t it be nice to know about road conditions before your head out so you can better plan your route?

winter streets chicago

Well now you can and you’ve got a few options. (UPDATE: 12/23/2013) Thanks to the power of social media, you can get reports on local road and bike lane conditions, as well as the conditions of the lakefront trail.  Get yourself a Twitter account and follow #bikechi for all sorts of general Chicago biking updates.  I post my own reports and/or photos of downtown road conditions via Twitter and always use the #bikechi hashtag.

ice bikes in chicago

Bikes encased in ice in front of the Ogilvy Transportation Center

And, thanks to the folks at the Active Transportation Alliance who started their own hashtag campaign to report conditions on Chicago’s lakefront trail, you can get specific reports about the lakefront trail via Twitter as well. You can follow the account they set up to retweet some of the posts that they see ( @activetransLFT )  or better yet, as mentioned below in the comments, check out the website for a feed of all tweets posted on Twitter that use the hashtag #chiLFT.  You can also just follow the #chiLFT feed on Twitter too.   And if you want even more details and discussions on the conditions, the great Chicago cycling resource website the Chainlink generally has open threads in their forums about winter biking and road conditions too.

chicago bridge in winterCheck out the conditions before you ride and enjoy some winter biking in Chicago!

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