Bike to Work Week – Chicago Style

Bike to Work Week - Chicago in Fog

So it’s Bike to Work Week here in Chicago – it’s June,  it’s foggy, it’s damp. Yep, must be Chicago!

I thought I’d take a different route to work yesterday morning and check out the Bike to Work crowd, so I headed over to Milwaukee Avenue.  If you live or work in the city of Chicago you probably already know that Milwaukee Avenue, especially south of Logan Square is a prime bike route to downtown.  During Bike to Work Week it tends to have even more cyclists  – the  coffee stations they usually set up  around  the Chicago/Odgen/Milwaukee intersection probably have something to do with that.   Unfortunately I did not find any coffee stations. Looks like there aren’ t going to be any on Milwaukee Avenue this week according to the online schedule of events. However, it looks like they have a ton of  others stations scattered all around the city and suburbs.   Still , there were plenty of bike commuters heading downtown – it took me about 5 minutes tops to take these pictures , and more riders just kept coming.

Bike to Work Week Chicago - Commuters on Milwaukee Avenue Bike to Work Week Chicago - Yet More Commuters on Milwaukee AveBike to Work Week Chicago - More Commuters on Milwaukee Avenue

and there’s always someone riding with coffee…

Bike to Work Week Chicago - with Coffee

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