Bike Parking Hall of Shame: The Jewel-Osco on Desplaines

We’re posting the weekly Bike Parking Hall of Shame entry one day early this week – hope ya’ll don’t mind.

Bike Parking at Desplaines Jewel-Osco

Today’s entry depicts the bike rack at the Jewel-Osco grocery store on Desplaines here in Chicago. You might be asking yourself why I would be so rude as to park Oma smack dab in the middle of the rack like that, thereby taking up a lot of space on the rack. Well, I had no choice. This type of grill rack, or ‘schoolyard’ rack is, like almost all grill racks, too small for most adult bikes. The tires on my Oma cannot fit into one of those slots. In fact, most bikes cannot fit into the rack AND allow for a lock to secure both the bike frame and front tire. Most bikes must then be secured to one of the ends or lifted up over the rack. Since both ends were already taken when I arrived, and I was not about to lift up my 50 lb. bike over this rack,  I had no choice but to lock the bike up in this method. You’ll also note that this rack has a bar in front, and is up against the curb, making it impossible to use both sides of the rack and even more challenging to get a bike into the slots even if you wanted to try.

Bike parking at Jewel-Osco on Desplaines

Since this rack is up next to the curb,  it is difficult for two bikes to share one of the ends as well.

Bike parking Jewel-Osco on Desplaines

When I came out to unlock my bike another cyclist pulled up and had to lift her bike up over the rack and lock her bike between this bike and Oma. I apologized for taking up so much space on the rack, but luckily she was understanding. This Jewel-Osco store was Jewel’s first ‘green’ store and it received a lot of attention for it’s green roof and indoor air quality system. One would have hoped that the developers would have paid equal attention to the city requirements for bike parking in terms of the number of bike parking spots as well as best practices in bike parking design. If anyone from Jewel-Osco is reading this post by the way, check out my Bike Parking Hall of Shame landing page for links to bike parking laws in Chicago as well as bike parking best practices.

Jewel-Osco does get a star for locating the bike rack within 50 feet of the entrance – thank you for that.  Now if we could get some U-racks here it would be even better!

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