Bike Parking Hall of Shame: The Jewel-Osco at Ashland & Wellington

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it’s been a busy week at our house. I couldn’t let a Friday go by though, without another entry in my weekly Bike Parking Hall of Shame!  This week’s entry sticks to the theme that started this series – grocery stores.  Today’s featured guest is none other than the local grocery chain Jewel-Osco, which has appeared in previous Hall of Shame entries. While Jewel-Osco should probably get recognition for the fact that they do try to provide bike parking at some of their stores (not all) , unfortunately they install the types of racks that are unusable by most cyclists.Exhibit A is the bike rack at their store at 2940 North Ashland Avenue.

bike parking at the jewel-osco at 2940 n. ashland avenue in chicago


As we’ve said before, most adult-sized bikes cannot be locked in a secure fashion to a rack like this. And larger upright bikes, like my Oma, cannot fit into the rack at all. Most cyclists lock their bike to an open end of a rack like this or lift up their bike over the top of these sorts of racks in order to be able to lock the front wheel and the frame to the rack. That means fewer bikes can use this rack, and not all cyclists are able to lift up their bikes over the top of the rack. To add more difficulty to the usage of this rack, it has a bar on one side that forces the cyclist to lift the bike up over the bar and into the rack – creating less space for the bike and a problem for heavy cargo-style bikes, or bikes with a full-load of groceries. The fact that they installed the rack right up against the edge of the curb means that cyclists can only lock to one side of the rack.

bike parking at the jewel-osco at 2940 n. ashland avenue in chicago

If you’re the manager of this store, how about install some U-racks or wavy bike racks for us cyclists? The city of Chicago even offers free consulting to businesses who are interested in installing the best kind of bike racks for their cycling customers. Check out the links and other best practices in bike parking information on the BPHoS landing page here on my site.

And, as always, if you see an example of shameful bike parking in the city of Chicago, send me a photo and description and I’ll be sure to post it here on the site.

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