Bike Parking Hall of Shame: Sheffield Commons

After the big ole blizzard we were left with piles of snow everywhere in the city.  Every local bike blogger posted pictures of bikes propped up on the tops of snowbanks, locked to poles like  these photos on Tuttle Tattle , Let’s Go Ride A Bike and here on my blog.   Time wore the snow down and then it started to melt last week.  I asked some readers to let me know of any bike racks that remained horribly buried more than a week after the snow.  @chrisbike @chrislike alerted me to the bike rack in the parking lot of Sheffield Commons (Sheffield & North Avenue) which I checked out briefly a few days after the storm and discovered they had plowed the entire parking lot and piled all the snow onto of the bike racks!!  They didn’t just leave the rack buried, they created a 20ft tall, 20 ft wide mountain of snow on top of the bike rack.  What – they couldn’t give up a parking space for that?   I stopped by last weekend as the sun and warmer temperatures had melted most of the snow, but of course not this snow pile.  It’s decreased in size but still, it’s going to be there until June.

Bike under snow at Sheffield Commons

Yeah, there’s a bike under there too – and it didn’t look like an old abandoned one either.  There are at least 8 bike racks under there.  I know it’s hard for businesses to clean up after a bike snow storm, but by the time this picture was taken this rack could have been uncovered.

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