Bike Parking Hall of Shame: Neighborhood Taverns Part 2

I apologize for the dearth of posts the last week or two, it’s been a busy time at the house of “ding”.  Earlier this year I wrote a post about neighborhood taverns in Chicago that lack bike parking, and gave kudos to those that do provide handy U-racks. There are a lot of lovely corner taverns in Chicago, and while they don’t always have parking lots,  many of them have self-installed or city-installed bike racks nearby.  It’s a handy convenience, and one I took for granted until I started noticing some popular taverns located on major bike routes with no bike parking. Taverns like the following old school watering hole, as well as the restaurant/bar mentioned below, both located in Wicker Park – a serious bike neighborhood – lack any bike racks at all.

Here we have the Lincoln Tavern, which is truly a little slice of Wisconsin in the heart of the city. Unfortunately Oma couldn’t find a good place to park. It was early in the day though, so we didn’t really need a PBR just yet.

Lincoln Tavern - no bike parking

There is a nice bench for smoking customers though.

Lincoln Tavern - smoker's corner

Down the street from the Lincoln Tavern is a classic Italian restaurant that hasn’t been around as long, but 21 years doesn’t exactly make it a newbie either. Club Lucky has valet parking for it’s customers that arrive and find the lack of car parking a bit of challenge, but nothing for the cyclist.

Club Lucky - no bike parking

If you’re the proprietor of one of these fine establishments, have you considered installing some U-racks for your cycling patrons, or requesting the installation of city bike racks?  Check out my Bike Parking Hall of Shame page – I’ve got lots of links to all the information you need to install bike parking for your patrons. The city of Chicago even offers free consulting to local businesses regarding bike parking.

If you’re a Chicago cyclist and you’ve got a local tavern, or grocery store, or business that lacks bike parking, take a picture and send it my way!

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