Bike Parking Hall of Shame: Guess Which Business Has Snow-Free Bike Racks?

Hello my fellow snow commuters! It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another round of the Bike Parking Hall of Shame! Last week I put a call out for pictures and/or locations of  of bike racks still covered in snow even though it’s now a full week since the big ole mean blizzard.  I’ve gotten tips on a few locations and I’m going out this weekend to look and see who has not yet uncovered their bike racks. Since it’s supposed to warm up quite a bit here in Chicago,  there is really no excuse for a bike rack covered in snow.  If you’ve thoughtlessly plowed it over , now’s the time to dig it out or end up in the hall of shame.

In the spirit of snow-covered bike racks then,   here are some pictures of a couple or bike racks in the same area, in front of different businesses, some snow covered,  and some not.   Mr. Ding and I spotted these last Sunday night near the Clybourn/Sheffield area in Lincoln Park.   I stood in one spot along Willow Street and turned in each direction and saw these city-installed bike racks.

When I looked to the west, I saw these easily-accessible bike racks along the sidewalk going towards the Goose Island Brewing Company and the Bellini store.

Bike Racks not covered in snow

When I turned and looked south,  across the street I saw the bike rack in front of the Gap, completely free of snow as  well.

bike rack not covered in snow

And when I turned around to look behind me, to look east, well I saw this poor bike rack overwhelmed by the snow.

snow covered bike rack

Guess which store this rack sat in front of? Patagonia!!  Yep, the outdoor gear and clothing store, the one with an entire section devoted to ‘environmentalism’ on their website,  couldn’t be bothered to uncover the one bike rack near their building  Mr. Ding and I thought this was kinda funny.  Why an ‘outdoors clothier’ doesn’t supply it’s own bike racks is another story altogether.

As always, if you know of a particularly abysmal example of bike parking in Chicago, drop me a line and let me know the location, at ddlr at dingdingletsride dot come.   If you’re a business and you want to be sure you are following the rule of law in Chicago by providing the proper bike parking for your patrons, please check out the links on my Bike Parking Hall of Shame landing page.

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