Bike Parking Hall of Shame: Berteau & Ravenswood Avenues

I was riding around the north side of Chicago last Saturday, and came across this sad excuse for bike parking along Ravenswood Avenue, just north of Berteau, on the west side of the Metra train tracks. Most of the other buildings in this small warehouse-district-turned-office-park have steel staircases in front of their entrances that one can lock a bike to. And the owner of at least one of them is looking to install dedicated bike parking. The owners of this building however, get an “F” for their attempts at bike parking.  First, they installed a grill rack which most adult bikes cannot be securely locked to because the rack is too small. Second, one end of the rack is up against the wall preventing anyone from locking a bike to that end — a preferred strategy when faced with using one of these racks. Finally, the rack is completely inaccessible if one did want to try and use it due to the giant pile of snow on one side and the black bars on the other.

Bike parking at Berteau & Ravenswood in Chicago

Oma tries to get near the bike rack, but fails.

Bike Parking along Ravenswood

This building further down the road has stairs you can lock your bike to, and the owner is working on installing dedicated bike parking

If the building in the first picture is your building,  along with instructing your snow plow guys to not plow the snow up in front of the bike rack, you might want to consider installing more usable bike racks for your customers.  The City of Chicago offers free consulting to businesses who need advice and information regarding the Chicago laws on bike parking, as well as best practices. Check out the links on my Bike Parking Hall of Shame page.

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