Bike Parking Hall of Shame: Aldi’s near Milwaukee & Pulaski

Hello my seasonally-confused bike-riding friends! It’s a cool, stormy and un-summery Friday and that means it’s time for another entry in ye olde Bike Parking Hall of Shame. This week’s entry is another Aldi grocery store.  What does Aldi have against US grocery shoppers anyway?  If you read this post on a D.C.  blog about more walkable, sustainable cities, you’ll note that they too complained in December 2010 about the lack of bike parking at a proposed Aldi store in their area. They also pointed out that an Aldi store built in an urban area in Frankfurt Germany has plenty of bike parking.  I feel ya. What does Frankfurt got that Chicago doesn’t have?

Anyway, herewith is the Aldi store located at 3342 N. Milwaukee Avenue.  There are no city-installed bike-racks on Milwaukee Avenue as you can see.

No city installed bike racks along the sidewalk...


And there were no racks along the front of the store either. This cyclist had to lock up his bike to the cart rack.  Not a horrible situation, well, until someone runs the carts into your bike.


And no bike parking along the back wall or out in the parking lot either.


This Aldi store, like the one in Wicker Park that I’ve written about before is located one of Chicago’s major bike thoroughfares, and  yet lacks bike parking.  Help out us cyclists Aldi,  and add some bike racks to your city stores.  Check our the resources and links on my Bike Parking Hall of Shame landing page for more information.

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