Bike Parking Hall of Shame: Aldi’s in Wicker Park

Bike Parking at the Aldi's in Wicker Park

Bike Parking at the Aldi’s in Wicker Park

I”m kicking off the Bike Parking Hall of Shame with this entry for the Aldi’s grocery store at Milwaukee and Leavitt in Wicker Park. This store has an enormous parking lot and not one bike rack. Bikes have to lock up to the cart barriers as you see in this photo.  That’s not the worst place to be, but there’s a ton of unused space to the right of this photo, behind the cart barriers, where bike racks could easily be installed. This store is on a major Chicago bike route and has no bike racks? Besides violating city ordinances, it’s surprising that they ignore a customer base that rides by their store every day. They have a bus stop out front and a parking lot. Why no bike racks?

If you know of a Chicago location worthy to be entered into the Bike Parking Hall of Shame please send me an email with a photo, location, etc, to samantha at dingdingletsride dot com.  I’ll include it in our Friday series and will be sure to give you credit.

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