Bike Parking Hall of Shame: A Strip Mall at Sheffield & Diversey

bike parking sheffield & diversey

It’s Friday so that means it’s time to showcase another less-than-stellar bike parking spot in Chicago.   Earlier this week I was riding along Sheffield Avenue in Chicago and noticed the strip mall on the southeast corner  of Sheffield and Diversey, next to the Diversey Brown Line stop.  There is a Potbelly Sandwich Works,  A Qdoba Mexican Grill, and Lovers Lane in the mall and this single grill-style bike rack serves all their customers.  You’ll note that it is not bolted down, but someone did attempt to anchor it in place (to the big sign it sits under) with cables.  Because grill racks are not sized to allow adult bike to fit between the thin dividers and securely locked, the only way they can be securely used is by locking a bike on one of the ends – any other bike must be lifted up over the top of the rack. These two methods are the only way a cyclist can securely lock the front wheel and frame to the rack.   My Omafiets is far too heavy to lift over the top of a rack like this, so if there is not an end available,  I’ve got no place to lock up my bike.

There is enough room in this same spot for a couple of U-racks or the developer or stores could request that the city install bike racks on the sidewalk next to the mall, along Sheffield Avenue.

a potential bike parking spot along Sheffield Avenue

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