Bike Parking Hall of Shame: A CVS store in Beverly

Today’s entry in our weekly Bike Parking Hall of Shame comes courtesy of Ann Alt via a discussion she started on – a great resource for cycling information in Chicago. Ann started a bike parking hall of fame/shame and kicked it off with some pictures and description of the bike parking situation at a CVS store at 1930 West 103rd street n the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago. According to Ann:

The nearest CVS has a city rack out front near the door, which is well used, but the one on their own property is so far from the flow of traffic and installed so close to the wall that it’s never used.

Incorrectly installed bike rack at a CVS in Beverly

Bike racks need to be installed at least 3 feet away from any obstruction like a wall or curb otherwise there isn’t enough room for someone to lock their bike and front wheel securely. Bike racks also need to be installed within 50 feet of the entrance of the destination.

Rack should be no more than 15m/50ft from the entrance of destinations. Steady flows of pedestrians or a spot visible through store windows may be relied upon to minimize opportunities for theft or tampering beyond the security provided by a lock. Racks located further away will often be ignored in favour of nearby fixed objects. Bikes can damage trees and using other street furniture may create hazards for pedestrians, particularly those with sight impairments or mobility challenges. ¬†(courtesy of John Luton’s site

Just installing a bike rack isn’t enough – if it’s not properly installed and positioned then it’s of no use. It would be like creating a parking lot full of ¬†car parking spots too narrow for cars to actually park within, and with lanes that don’t allow enough turning radius for a car to pull in or out of a spot if there are cars parked next to it . Useless.

CVS developers made it through the approval phase of the Minneapolis Planning Commission’s process for a new store in the Linden Hills neighborhood back in September. Part of the approval was won by CVS agreeing to add more bike parking for the planned store. ¬†Unfortunately, if they add more parking in the same manner as they’ve added parking at this Chicago store, the neighborhood will not have gained much of anything.

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