Bike Parking Friday: Don’t Hide Your Festival Bike Parking

Let me start by saying loudly that we LOVE the Renegade Craft Fair.  I was at the first fair in Wicker Park, here in Chicago, and have been going ever since.  Now me and my guys always make sure it’s on our calendar and since it’s a short bike ride away,  that’s an extra bonus.  But here’s the thing.  The fair set up some great bike parking inside the fair this year –  that no one knew about.  Including me.  There was no mention of it on their handy-dandy website, nor in any promotional ads or mentions of  the fair, nor did I see any signs at the entrance to the event stating there was bike parking somewhere nearby.

This was the bike-parking corral Sunday afternoon, on a beautiful, sunny, bike-perfect day.

and while these racks sat empty.. people were trying to park their bikes all over the neighborhood…..

bus bench bike parking

Security guards for this plaza came out and told us not to lock our bikes here as they were planning on cutting the locks. We heeded their warning and came back later to find these bikes locked there. Not sure if locks were ever cut or not.


We had a similar issue with the Do Division fest this year.. asking the volunteers where the bike parking was (as they’ve had bike corrals in the past) and no one knew.   Providing bike parking for neighborhood festivals has become very important in Chicago since so many people ride to them now.  But if no one knows where they’re at, bikes are still going to be parked all over the place.   So let everyone know, ad nauseum.  Just a request from your friendly biking family.   Thanks!

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