Bike Parking For Princesses

I’ve been incredibly busy with a few too many projects on my plate at the moment, and my overall posts have slowed down – especially my bike parking and “Bike Parking Hall of Shame” posts.  I will say though that a few of the places I’ve ridden by fully expecting to see a lack of bike parking have had decent bike parking – what a nice surprise. I don’t mind coming up empty-handed blog-post wise if it means that I’m seeing more bike parking in the city.  Please enjoy an example of good bike parking in the meantime.

I had to make a stop at Farmer’s Pride Produce on the corner of Western & Chicago Avenues to pick up a few items on my way home the other evening.  Luckily they have a couple of city-installed (I”m guessing) bike racks out front so I was able to lock up Oma securely.  Apologies for the quality of my iPhone photos.


Unfortunately, Oma was not pink enough to score the quality bike parking that was obviously reserved for princesses.  The ethereal creatures that belonged to these bikes were busy skipping and doing a princess sort of dance just out of camera range while I took a picture of their bikes all grouped together in the ‘princess bike corral’.  I considered painting Oma pink for about 30 seconds.


bike parking for princesses


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