Bike Locks: Any Thoughts on Those “Hand-cuff” Style Bike Locks?

Bike-cuff bike lock

I saw a bike locked up with one of these ‘Bike-Cuff” hand-cuff-style locks on my way to work the other day.  I see them around once in a while. A few years ago I thought about investing in one, but I never came across enough information about them to warrant me buying one. I’m very happy with my big ole ABUS Granit City Chain X-Plus lock just wondering if anyone else has used one.

Bike Cuff style bike lock

I went on a little internet search while writing this post and discovered that earlier this year Wired wrote a brief article comparing some of the more heavy-duty bike locks.  Seems they weren’t too impressed with the Master Lock Street Cuff.

The clever pivot point in the middle makes it hard to get any leverage with a tool. Unfortunately, the steel closures (which are small enough to limit your anchoring options) aren’t very thick. They resisted our saw for all of two minutes. Worse, it took only a couple of hard whacks with the hammer to bust open the locking mechanisms.

Do you use this style of bike lock?

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