Bike Commuting 101

morning commute in Chicago

I was recently invited to be a guest blogger for the Campmor blog and provide some basic tips for commuting by bike.  Commuting via bike can mean one thing someone who has a 3-5 mile commute through a flat urban environment and another to someone who ride 10-20 miles, or hilly terrain.  I tried to accommodate different styles of  bike commuting while still providing some basic guidelines for bike selection, route planning,  gear and clothing, and the biggest question of all ‘how do I commute by bike if my office doesn’t provide showers”.   Below are links to the two posts I wrote.   I received a fair number of comments too.  Wondering if I should do a part three? Any suggestions?

Bike Commuting 101 – Part 1: 

In this post I covered routes and riding skills, bike selection,  and accessories like fenders, lights, helmets and bags. You might even see a photo of your own bike here as I shared some examples of city bikes from some of the women I’ve met at Chicago bike events.
Bike Commuting 101 – Part 2: 

In part two I focused on ‘what to wear’.   How to commute in your regular office clothes, as well as suggestions for cold-weather and warm-weather cycling.

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