Bad News: Dutch Bike Thefts in Chicago! Good News: Julie’s Bike is Recovered

Vince's Dutch bike that was stolen

Vince's Dutch bike that was stolen (photo courtesy of Vince via the

Gloomy gloomy news was to be found on Twitter yesterday afternoon, when I heard that Vince, the manger of The Dutch Bike Co., here in Chicago, had his beloved Dutch bike stolen off his deck.  Evil bike thieves.  May karma do its thing.

Sometime on Sunday night someone came to my apartment building sawed off a portion of my deck and some fence post and carried my bike away.  I should applaud them for muscling 68 pounds of bike, locks, bags, racks and crates down a narrow gangway.  I mean it takes a fair amount of physical strength to do that.   But seriously, They’ve got an immobilized bike on their hands.  My Bike.  And I want it back.

Vince has done all the right things, filed a report with the stolen bike registry,  etc., and now he’ll be checking out the Swap-a-Rama on the south side of Chicago where many many stolen bikes are fenced. You can read the entire account of his poor stolen bike here, on the Turns out a couple of weeks ago another Dutch bike was stolen as well.. Jay had his Gazelle stolen on Morgan Street.  Here’s the story, also courtesy of the

Jay and his Gazelle

Jay and his Gazelle (photo courtesy of Jay via

Now before you think it’s a waste of time to go wandering down through the Swamp-a-rama looking for your long lost bike, you need to read Julie’s story over on the chainlink – she’s also one of our regulars at the Women Who Bike brunches – she had her bike stolen last Friday, and she recovered it this past weekend at the Swap-a-Rama!

Immediately I filed a police report over the phone, added it to the stolen bike reg and sent emails to friends. Yesterday a few people checked out the swap on the s side with no luck. This morning I headed back there with a couple of friends. Within 5 minutes I saw the bike, we called the cops and they recovered the bike for me.  No arrests.

Julie and her beloved blue bike

Julie and her beloved blue bike (Photo courtesy of Martha Williams of


It just makes me ill to think of these folks who have had their bike stolen – and the Dutch bike stories hit very close to home.  A few years ago I caught someone trying to steal my mountain bike and that was upsetting, but I still had my bike.   I still want to know if Julie has figured out how her bike was stolen – that one is truly a mystery.  I also want to know if there is someone stumbling around the city with a hernia after carting off Vince’s bike – that had to take some effort.  Let us know if you recover your bike Vince and Jay!   And for everyone else, this is the reminder to go and buy that expensive heavy-duty lock you’ve been talking about,  to not leave your bike anywhere unlocked, and to follow all the other bike theft precautions that you know you should be following.

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