Bad Bike Parking Turned Good: Berteau & Ravenswood

It’s Friday,  and that means it’s time for some photos of  the good and the bad bike parking I see around Chicago.

Back in January 2011 (was it that long ago?) I wrote about some abysmal bike parking I came across on the north side of Chicago, near Berteau and Ravenswood – you can read more about it in this post.   A few months ago I rode by and noticed they had replaced and updated their bike rack and removed a nearby structure that previously made parking a bike there kinda difficult.  This past weekend I had a chance to ride by and get some photos.

Here is the old bike rack:

Bike parking at Berteau & Ravenswood in Chicago


And here is how it looks now!


I will say that I like this orange rack – among other things,  it’s tall enough and configured so that my Omafiets, front rack and all, can lock up to any spot on the rack and still leave room for other bikes.


Thanks for new and improved (and orange! ) bike racks!

To see some of the past biking parking posts that I’ve written, check out my Bike Parking Fridays page.  It’s also full of great links to information on what makes good bike parking and how you as a business can get it installed.

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